War Eagle

On April 18, 2017 two opposing forces will collide at Auburn University with only one side pushing for violence but the right side will prepare for any force. Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer will appear even though his previous date was cancelled. Surrounding him will be his followers, Pro Trump supporters and really anyone who is tired of this Antifa bullshit. Antifa has been the big winner of all political violence lately but, they are venturing to a Conservative Southern state. The left has had their way but this looks to be different.

Antifa and communists are stepping out of their element in looking for a fight in a Southern state. They will meet a Dixie fighting spirit they have not seen and hopefully will not forget. The south is being invaded again by outsiders and we pray this enemy will find defeat just like at Manassas. The battle cry of Auburn University is “War Eagle”, let’s hope our boys are prepared for battle.

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Steve King preaches truth, gets called mean names…


So goes another day from the American Left. A White Congressmen preaches truth and gets called names. Where are the falsehoods in what Congressmen King said? Defenitely not in this statement:

“U.S. Rep. Steve King, an Iowa Republican who last July said white Christians have contributed more to Western civilization than any other “subgroup,” on Sunday found himself again the subject of criticism, this time for saying that Muslim children are preventing “our civilization” from being restored”

White Christians HAVE built this country and made it into a destination that others from third world shitholes want to come here and change. Future generations of White children should not inherit a third world shithole. In order to maintain a civilized world. We cannot be overun by those who wish to do harm to our people and way of life.

I commend Steve King and all those who fight to not let our people perish.

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The Left deserves to die

With all their claiming of inclusion and diversity, the mainstream and all leftists deserve the grave the have been longing for. They cannot sustain their behavior or lifestyle in the modern world. In reality, Nationalism will ALWAYS win out and destroy the Left. 
In order to have a peaceful society, the left must be wiped off from the world. Their utopia will be wiped from the map of the world. 

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The Alt-Right to life

By now everyone is aware of Pepe the Frog, a generated meme that is the mascot of the Alt-Right. Since the fall of 2016 the left has been in a constant hissy fit over the Alt-Right by labeling us such names as “Nazi’s and facists’. Richard Spencer was physically assaluted by the soft and loveable Antifa and Gavin McInnes and numerous on the right have been pepperd sprayed and assaulted.

In researching the Alt-Right, I have grown a great deal as a White Nationalist,Southern Nationalist and seemed to move even farther to the right than I was and you know what, I feel at home. The right to Identify onesself as an Anglo-Saxon is not a bad gig and throughout our history, we have always came out victorious. We want that dominance to continue.

The Alt-Right was organically brought to life to ensure the destruction of the mainstream GOP and it’s minoins, the Reaganites. Currently at CPAC you will have those minions cucking out and losing their minds over Jeb Bush. What they need to realize is their time is up and their Daddies GOP needs to go the way of the toilet. There is a new game in town and though we may be small in numbers, our message resonates more than establishment GOP. John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan have reached their time
limit of delaying true Right Wing values. I’s time for a new voice and we have
The Alt-Right to Life.

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Milo cucks himself

A once revered “patron savior” of the alt-light finds himself tonight ballgagged by pro pedo comments he once made. The cucks of the right absolutely loved Milo because he went against every stereotype labeled against the new right by the left.

Milo is a flaming, Jewish homosexual and race traitor and it infuriated the left because he was a “conservative” and stood up against the cancer know as liberalism, and for that he was loved by many on the right. But like many non whites on the right it turns out he is a full of shit cuckster that likes to be passed around by men like a cigarette in a prison. 

This should be a wake up call to all pro-White alt-right, we cannot let anyone but our own lead us. This is what happens when the media concentrates on gays, we lose our message and that message tonight is, Milo cucked himself.

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What the Left doesn’t understand…


It’s only a matter of time. The incompetent lying narcissistic fool is going down. Intelligence community will not let DT destroy democracy.


That tweet is from “Meathead” Rob Reiner


So what the Hollywood Left is proposing is a dangerous game, but not to them. They beleive because they lost they can use backdoor methods to undermine fifty percent of the country. What is astouding is, they beleive they are justified in their “calls”. They don’t realize their calls for a Coup will only anger the fifty percent of American’s that own firearms and know how to use them. The left can’t see the forest through the tree’s and will lead to their own demise.

Celebrities will only help in the defeat of the Left, they are so caught up in their own arrogance they cannot see the truth. I for one can see the light and truth, the Left is a fragile company with legs but no eyes to see the future, they are only interested in the current. They are playing with fire and will get burned, but hey, It’s what the Left doesn’t understand.



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Nationalism will win out

Google defines Nationalism as:



patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts.

synonyms: patriotism, patriotic sentiment, flag-waving, xenophobia, chauvinism, jingoism

“their extreme nationalism was frightening”

an extreme form of this, especially marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries.

plural noun: nationalisms

advocacy of political independence for a particular country.

With that being said, if we were to interpret this correctly, being a Nationalist is wrong. At least that is what we are told, but anyone with a half a brain knows a Nation is not ideas, it is people. People deserve a nation of their very own and yes that includes whites. We whites as a culture have built a great country yet Liberal Progressives have inflicted a cancer among our nation with diversity. Those of us who refuse and reject their cancer are labeled with “hurtful” names.

People of all races and religion crave their own nation in their own homeland not mine. You should not be allowed to destroy a peaceful society so a group of people can “feel good” about themselves. We as White Nationalist will resist your attempts to turn our homeland into a third world nation hell-hole. Is this considered “racist”? By definition probably but defending our homeland is worth being called “names” and that’s why Nationalism will win out.

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