I like being different…

I now live in a very progressive part of Arkansas and my oh my how I never thought I would say those words. It seems that I am destined to be left behind and I’m ok with that. Just the other day while working I noticed a bathroom at a local establishment had two signs next to the door which read: Whichever. Meaning you used whatever bathroom you identified as. All I could do was mutter disappointed words under my breath.

I don’t want to get caught up in with progressive politics because it can only lead to failure. How can progressives believe in the science of global warming but not the science of biology? I guess common sense is too far gone to be common anymore. Am I the last of a old school generation? Maybe, but dammit I like being different.


About SouthernRight

I am a lover of my beloved Dixie and great whiskey, extreme right winger and modern day Southern Gentleman
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