When in the Course of human events…

When in the course of human events, we are called to speak and to represent our own despite the resistance from naysayers, we continue with our mission of self-determination. Though our ancestor’s may have fallen short, we in the modern day continue their goals. A goal of seperation for our own good, and to maintian the proper social order should still be set it motion to achieve our ultimate goal of freedom. No longer shall we apologize for our forebearers and their fight, it is layed upon our shoulders for the burdon.
We shall not fall nor fail, for our people should remain stout in the modern day. We shall continue without the blessing of our detractors, though we shall not need it. The struggle is real, our Conservative normacly way of life shall continue without interuption, no matter the struggle. When in the Course of Human events… We shall no longer accept defeat, but continue the fight for victory our ancestors sat forth to achieve.


About SouthernRight

I am a lover of my beloved Dixie and great whiskey, extreme right winger and modern day Southern Gentleman
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