Removal of monument’s, not of spirit

Today, the City of New Orleans removed reminders’ of a past kept in the heart’s of many Southerners. What they don’t understand is, a removal of a monument is blasphemous but it is not suprising. Our ancestor’s memory has been under attack quitely for decades but ramped up after Dylan Roof. As a direct decendant of the Father of Secession John C. Calhoun, I for one feel the need to speak my mind on this matter.

The removal of a monument is only a temporary solution. The bigger problem is what will they do with the people who still support the Antebellum South? They obviously will have to try and remove us from history and much like our Confederate history, we will not go quitely. Our ancestors’ were a great people, hellbent on their dream of self-governance and forged in blood their sacrifice. We as their modern day Southern warriors will continue their mission and save the history of our people.
We are not one’s to be messed with, and will conquer our enemies.

God Bless and Save the South.


About SouthernRight

I am a lover of my beloved Dixie and great whiskey, extreme right winger and modern day Southern Gentleman
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